Job Listings

Employer: Petit Moments LLC
Job Title: Business Development Analyst
Job Site: 860 S. Los Angeles St., Suite 417, Los Angeles, CA 90014
Full-Time: 40 hours per week

Job duties: Research and analyze the jewelry fashion industry, and conceptualize
business strategies for profitable penetration into new and/or existing market segments.
Monitor and analyze company’s business consumer information file to ensure efficient
maintenance of company’s sales channels and distribution channels meeting customer
needs; and collect data and conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to
forecast and monitor business, marketing and sales trends. Analyze company’s business
systems to develop and devise methods and procedures to collect data, perform
international costing and pricing analysis, formulate competition and market situation
analysis according to the business environment and economic development of consumer
markets in North America. Analyze and profile existing customers and potential
customers to enhance database marketing initiatives; and perform marketing campaign
activities and ensure data integrity and consistence are achieved across all Sales and
Marketing systems. Research, collect, create and maintain an active categorical database
of prospects and leads. Work with the sales department on producing relevant
presentation of marketing materials, and promotional campaigns. Analyze competitors’
business programs in areas of pricing and services and prepare reports for management to

Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business Management.
Experience Requirement: None.

To Apply, send resume to:
Attn. Alexandria Rosa
Petit Moments LLC
860 S. Los Angeles St., #417
Los Angeles, CA 90014